Sony gets guerrilla marketing very, very wrong

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PSP “street art” campaign in San Pedro
Originally uploaded by Life on the Edge.

Sony Computer Entertainment apparently did a stencilling campaign around Los Angeles (although they’re not owning up to it). And its starting to get some serious consumer backlash.Where they went wrong:

  • The artwork. The characters look more like they are about to have an epileptic fit than enjoy playing with a PSP. It isn’t clever, it isn’t humourous, its not particularly subversive. It looks cheap and lacks quality.
  • The implementation: it seems to be be blanket in its coverage, SonyBMG’s experience having an an anti-social behaviour order brought against it for similar poster campaign carpet bombing shows that the organisation does not share internal best practice
  • The message: What is this campaign trying to say? It’s not cool, its not down with the kids (as the tag on the stencil opposite shows)

It looks like Sony Computer Entertainment and or their agencies could do with paying more attention to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association

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