Web Services – OS for life

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Richard Holway of Ovum and The Holway Report fame sent through the text of his annual presentation to the great and good of the ICT world in aid of the Prince’s Trust technology leadership group. Holway recognised and highlighted the role of consumers in driving technology adoption.

Whilst he didn’t break out in Web 2.0 zealotry, Holway did discuss how software applications are being replaced by web services, not only for generation Y but aging boomers like Holway himself. He also cites the mobile phone, not only as a post-PC platform but also as a universal RF-ID device for identity and payment.

I was most interested in his attitude to mobile devices, whilst this has been dealt with experiments in Finland and seen great results, I would be concerned about the high level of device loss and handing over so much power in the infrastructure to mobile carriers? As a voice for reason, Holway talks of the change in more muted tones and more gradual change than the likes of Tim O’Reilly. Anyway read it for yourself here.