Fiction as a PR tool

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Let’s get all the jokes out of the way first about how PRs already create short works of fiction called press releases.Slate had an interesting article about how the pharmaceutical industry in the USA tried to get a novel written about the ‘dangers’ of Canadian imported drugs as a way of maintaining their artificially high profit margins on US sales.

Truth is Stranger than Phiction lifts the lid on the whole hamfisted story. It was an interesting approach, with appalling execution. Where where the NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)?

Expect other industry bodies such as the MPAA and the RIAA to attempt similar Tom Clancy-esque novels about Al Queda plots financed by pirated CDs of Britney Spears and Asian import DVDs being used to fund a coup d’etat against the president by dissident members of the armed forces (everyone knows the movie industry movers and shakers are a bunch of card carrying liberals).

But remember readers: one novel, does not a PR campaign make.