Lessons to be learned by Fony

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Graffiti in Taranaki/Wallace street
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Last weekend we posted about the crap guerrilla marketing campaign that Sony Computer Entertainment had done to promote the PSP. The marketers should look with envy at this Kiwi wall of gen-u-ine graffiti. The iPod has become so iconic that young New Zealanders (at least those of them that aren’t serving behind a bar in London) are spraying walls in an artless attempt to communicate about their lives with the public-at-large.

UPDATE: Apparently the graffiti is supposed to be ironic, some sort of protest against globalisation and child labour, probably also explains its artlessness and thanks to hmmmm who pointed out the picture attribution wasn’t appearing on their browser, I have increased the size on the Flickr HTML. I had originally published this page directly from the Flickr site, so there is a lesson there for me to check how it comes out.