Blackberry Jam

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Research in Motion, the manufacturer of so-so smart phone, PDA things and overpriced mobile connectivity solutions (have people not heard of IMAP?) seem to have a bit of a communications problem on their hands.RIM is on the receiving end of a court case from a company called NTP for allegedly violating five separate patents. While RIM has stated publicly that the case will not impact on them as they have a software update ready that goes around the disputed patents, media and market sentiment seem to be against them.

On November 16, RIM, announced that the update was available and received coverage on Reuters but there is still speculation that rivals like Palm, Nokia and Microsoft will gain at the expense of RIM. In addition, the messages coming out of the company are not reassuring for Blackberry users outside the US. RIM seems to be losing the communications battle, if not its court battle with NTP.