Nike steals Adidas’ clothes

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Nike has finally woke up to the fact that there is more to exploiting its heritage than trying to make Nike Cortez the new Reebok Classic and selling them in JD Sports.It has taken its iconic Air Max design that fits in as well in the gym as the dancefloor and come up with some striking colour ways. It is selling these limited edition shoes through specialist retailer Size? and launching them with a graffiti exhibition.

In essence the company is trying to steal the clothes of Adidas’ Originals range.

The key problems that Nike have is that they don’t have a visual identifier like Adidas Originals have with the trefoil. Instead Nike has made its difference by taking a leaf from Sun Tzu’s concept of void and actuality; Nike’s approach has been understated with greys and blacks contrasting with accents of acid green. Now if they would stop making those god-awful buck rogers designs and bring back their skills that would be progress. Maybe people wouldn’t worry about all the children that labour in dangerous factories cranking these out.