I don’t want a retraction, I want some retribution

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Since the beginning of my PR career, when I when I was media relations grunt in my agency days, if the client wasn’t keen on what a journalist had written about their announcement, or taken out of an interview they would ask me to get a retraction.Usually, the best course of action would be to let the waters cover over the story and move on because journalists always had the last word and it damaged relationships in the longer term.

With blogs, this power balance may have changed, and not for the better.

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban was unhappy with a piece that ran in the New York Times business section: Is Mark Cuban Missing The Big Picture that questioned the wisdom of investing in a cinema chain.

Cuban came back with some blog postings of his own here and here.

From a PR perspective, this concerns me as it means that executives may shoot off a blog entry first and only worry about the corporate reputation once their ego has been put back in the box. At worst, they could tie themselves up in a debased slagging match.

It will then be PR’s job to try and clean up the mess. In a few months after, PRs will then be beat up for not doing their job because said executives aren’t getting the volume of coverage they want.

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