Looking forward to 2006

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 There is a lot to look forward to in 2006. The film adaptation of V for Vendetta hasn’t even been released yet and it has already upset members of the Conservative Party. (Of course David Davies’ unhappiness with the book had nothing to do with the fact that it sprang from Alan Moore’s disgust at the intolerance in Thatcher’s Britain for racial minorities, the poor, the gay community and political opposition?)

It’s probably the last action film to be allowed to be filmed on location next to parliament. Johnny Knoxville appears in The Ringer; an innovative comedy that features disabled people as actors and deals with disability without the usual kid gloves. The second installment of the Nightwatch trilogy is due towards the end of the year. Last and not least on the film front, there is no more Star Wars episodes.

Apple will be launching it’s new Intel models and Palm is expected to launch a new range of Treos, I just hope that they are not as much of a pig to synch as my Treo 650 is.

The phony war will be over and the battle royale between the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation III will begin in earnest. Hopefully 2006 will see the triumph of HD-DVD over Blu-Ray as the next-generation disk standard.

I think that this may be the year when German watch brands Sinn and Tutima finally breakthrough. Both of them produce technical watches of the highest quality (without the highest price tag) and have arguably more heritage than the likes of Bell & Ross.