Jack’s Back Baby, Jack’s Back

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 Those lucky buggers in the States now have series five of 24. Over at Slate.com they have an interview with the writers, where they talk about the methodology for ensuring plots that get the viewer to suspect their disbelief, why complexity engages audiences, how the real-time action concept came up and the renaissance in quality TV drama. On the downside it means the continued popularity of THAT pikey ringtone.

In show sponsorship All-American Jack Bauer has moved from the Detroit muscle of the Ford Motor Co. to automotive Gojira Toyota.

Jargon Watch

Arc – The length of a story line carried through a series, for instance in a soap opera like Coronation Street, plot lines and characters have run for decades, whereas in a series like the Love Boat would have an arc of one episode as each one was a self-contained story.