Second Chance Tuesday part two

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I managed to get along later than I’d attended to Second Chance Tuesday. I was surprised by the formality of clientele at the event. I had expected the usual monied suits, but the entrepreneurs where where suited and booted as well.There were precious few PR people (with only Adrian Chitty and Simone Carr on the registered list), but then not using PR and marketing is seen as a badge of honour amongst the boot-strapped Web 2.0 set.

A couple of the people that I’d met:

Rob Eberstein of i-Zebra thinks that push technology is now finally ready to arrive almost ten years after the initial promise and non-delivery of PointCast. Universal broadband access, faster cheaper computing and storage being the key facilitators. Watch

this space once the fall out of stealth mode some time in April.Caroline Teunissen of Vividas PLC told me about their streaming video product which is platform-agnostic being based on Java. At first when I heard about it, I was reminded of the Compound Document concept of the early and mid 1990s (the most famous use being the CyberDog web browser for the Mac). Both player and stream are transferred to the client device at viewing time. I am reliably informed by my friendly web maven that the quality of the video streams even when viewed on a 20″ monitor at full screen compares favourably with against competing products.