On heavy rotation: Where’s the music?

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I haven’t bought new music for a good while. Dance music is seasonal in the run up to Christmas and until the Miami winter music conference and Ultra festival there is a dearth of good material.I still kick the tyres of new records at Phonica but to be honest there isn’t much there to interest me at the moment.

The business picks up steam once labels have had a chance to licence a few successes and then they become adventurous in taking risks with new tracks.

There is a surge in the run up to to the start of the season in Ibiza which is usually on the first Saturday in June, a lull during the summer when everyone is away and then full steam ahead to November when things go quiet again.

January and February are generally the best times to buy old records to fill out your collection as secondhand shops will be full of stock and have a lack of punters.

These shops rely on turnover to keep them going, so don’t feel afraid of taking advantage. I have a consignment of three dozen records coming from a Norfolk-based record shop that I have picked up at 2GBP each rather than the 5 – 10GBP the records would have fetched at other times of the year.