New Media Finds

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I came across, a kind of Defamer for Silicon Valley, it makes for the most compelling reading about the valley since Robert X. Cringely‘s Accidential Empires.There was gossip on company execs that had not made it over this side of the pond and adds a bit of life to the droll Notes from the Field column in InfoWorld (written a Robert X Cringely, but not the Robert X Cringely) and the mangy attempt at gossip by Spencer F. Katt of eWeek – note to the editor, the feline puns aren’t funny any more give them up – you couldn’t get a gig at a Salvation Army hostel let alone Vegas with them.

Doing for the vulture capitalist community what belle de jour did for prostitution Sandhill Slave is a blog that provides an insight into the daily grind of trashing Joe Six-Packs savings and pension fund.

BMW have some free audio books available here, following on from their series of short films that used cinematic art to pimp their cars BMW have teamed up with Random House.

The audio books feature a BMW as a main character obviously.

Kudos to Treonauts for flagging up the BMW audio books and SiliconValleyWatcher for the heads up on Sandhill Slave.