Every loser wins

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There was an interesting article over at TelecomTV about how Motorola is happy to leave the bleeding-edge pain to someone else and is instead taking a more user-centric approach. “Do I really want to launch a WCDMA phone with a Qualcomm chip that drives up my bill of materials by $40, but which I can’t sell for a higher price, and give up my profit margin?” asked the head of Motorola’s handset division.There was a relentless logic to it.

What companies tend to forget is that consumers don’t care how their call is delivered they just want it to work, the user experience has to be as good they’ve had previously plus a reason to change. The only thing that concerned me was the way Garriques sat on his laurels with regards the RAZR rather like former Palm CEO Carl Yankowski sat on the laurels of Palm V during a European media tour in June 2000, right before Microsoft came in to steal their lunch.