Rogue IT

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I was surprised when I was reading an article on Rogue IT Rogue IT may be a blessing in disguise by David L Margulius in InfoWorld. The main thrust of the article is that user implemented innovations may have value in themselves. Duh!PCs were not shipped into companies during the late 1970s and early 1980s by innovative, far-sighted IT staff.

On the contrary, VisiCalc and the Apple II were smuggled in by middle managers to make their own lives easier and paid for out of their own personal monies or expensed back to the company.

This has continued on with web applications, PDAs, personal cell phones and pagers and wireless email.

Now web services by the likes 37 Signals to free software like browser toolbars and RSS newsreaders to iTunes provide users with easy-to-use, easy-to-implement solutions to everyday problems.

What is even scarier is the ‘expert’ opinion GartnerGroup How to Eliminate Five Causes of Poor IT Financial Visibility (September 14, 2005 – expensive registration required) which contains advice to IT departments on trying to repress independent thought within the organisation.