History Repeating

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The year 2000 was a strange year for me in PR terms at least.After Y2K hadn’t brought the world to a standstill and society didn’t break down into a sprawling epic a la George Kennedy’s Max Max series the agency that I worked for got on with task in hand of making obscene amounts of money.

My accounts seemed to be a non-stop stream of major product launches, new websites and telecoms services.

I guess it was due the pressure of a number of factors, but some of my friends came to bits at the seams and thankfully now they seem to be solidly together.

I used to use a service called Zaplets to manage press release edits amongst different parties and even sign offs on appraisal paperwork. Eventually Firedrop disappeared and transformed itsself into selling enterprise widgets. Now I came across Writeboard which does a similar kind of job, but in a different way as a web-based word processor that anyone with a modern web browser canb use. You no longer have to worry if clients have the same version of Microsoft Word that you have.

A scarier reminder of 2000, is the resurgence of the internet incubator. SiliconBeat highlighted Next Internet LLC in this posting. You find out more about the Next Internet incubation business from their website here.

All we need to now is prats on microscooters.