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Mancunian breaks night Airtight have got a revamped site with some great MP3 mixes for your iPod. The mixes can be found here.

I had dinner out on Thursday night with some of the team from consumer PR agency Splendid at The Cuckoo Club on Swallow Street just (off Regent Street). The venue has a restaurant on the ground floor with a lovely interior and some tricked out low lighting, it looks bigger than it is through the use of mirrors.The food is very good and I am told that they had a good wine list. There is a dance floor downstairs which isn’t cutting edge but filled with lots of bright young things and provides excellent materials for avid people watchers. The venue did have one of my pet hates however the toilet attendant looking to blag tips.

One last point, I guess the more inquisitive amongst you will be wondering why the picture of the adidas Torsion special kicks to accompany this post. The simple answer is because I can.