Empirical Evidence

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Due to work, I found myself down at The Guardian’s main office last thing on Monday afternoon with another colleague to talk through a community-related product that we had just launched in the UK. While we were in the papers swanky and reasonably priced canteen in the bowels of the building, I got to shoot the breeze with

Jane Perrone about blogs.Jane is assistant news editor of Guardian Unlimited.

The first topic of discussion was

Comments is Free; the new editorial commentary blog has meant that some of her old media colleagues have had to learn about how to work in a new medium. Jane also pointed out that some of the interns find it hard to get to grips with blogging and often don’t have a clue what’s it all about, reinforcing my own views of the generational marketing gap opening up between unversity students and younger scholars.

Jane is a keen organic gardener, (she blogs about it

here) also mentioned the rise of retired bloggers who document every aspect of their life obsessively. One woman Jane mentioned documents the size of eggs laid by her free-range hens each day. Nokia’s life blog concept now starts to make sense.