Fox Network: this thing that the kids are doing with MySpace its ok really

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danah boyd is probably the most vocal person that really gets the whole MySpace pheonomena was interviewed on Fox Network by Bill O’Reilly a few days ago. danah is an academic and researcher who specialises in that tricky area where people and web technology collide. I had the pleasure of meeting her when I was in Sunnyvale last August.

O’Reilly is well-known as a kind of neo-conservative Walter Cronkite with his own show called the O’Reilly Factor. danah does a good job, fair play to her. Though the cynical spin doctor in me can’t help but wonder that O’Reilly may have been told to take his foot off the gas as both MySpace and Fox share the same owner?

Why couldn’t Fox have used the parent to find a spokesperson from MySpace themselves?

Is this part of a larger plot to get the bible-thumping, xenophobic moral majority on side before NewsCorp’s MySpace property goes all Pete Tong?

If you don’t know what this MySpace thing is, the clip acts as a reasonable primer on the service and the current issues surrounding it. For further reading I can recommend danah’s blog.