Cool as BAPE?

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IG Trendcentral make the mighty claim of having spotted the next BAPE (Bathing Ape – the uber cool Japanese streetwear brand) being American they think that aNYthing (A New York Thing) can equal or surpass the kingpin streetwear brand today. I don’t think so.Meanwhile flyer pack dons Don’t Panic have an exhibition of posters since the millenium (their words not mine) at the Aram Gallery at the bottom of Drury Lane in central London.

Finally AOL has changed its name from America Online Inc to AOL, I know you can’t control yourself with excitement, but it gets better. Explaining the rebrand Jon Miller the chairman and CEO said “Our new corporate identity better reflects our expanded mission — to make everyone’s online experience better.” Right well there you have it. You may want to discuss it in more depth amongst yourselves. Kudos to the San Jose Mercury News.