Jargon Watch: Next Net, Triple A business plan

Next Net – Remember when we said that the first rule of Web 2.0 was never to describe it as Web 2.0? Well this is yet another way that you shouldn’t use to describe Web 2.0. Triple A business plan

– A witty play on the Standard and Poor’s (and other credit ratings providers) way of designating an investment grade business, instead it actually means AJAX, Adsense and Arrogance . PRs if you see these three ingredients in a prospective client, treat them like they’ve been infected with avian flu.Kudos to VentureBlog via Bubble 2.0

2 replies on “Jargon Watch: Next Net, Triple A business plan”

  1. Nice spot RC! But runiing out of a creds session screaming might be overdoing it a bit :-)

  2. Drew, avian flu is an airborne virus, screaming wouldn’t be a good idea ;-)

    However leaving the room quickly will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

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