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Emory University send out a regular email about research that has been conducted by students and teaching staff. For those interested in the digital media there were two stories of interest this month. The first was piracy could be combatted through sampling (trial), by allowing customers to trial digital content in the way that they can trial real-world products like perfume or deli samples according to Ramnath Chellappa in his paper Managing Piracy: Pricing and Sampling Strategies for Digital Experience Goods in Vertically Segmented Markets.

The second paper is on survival strategies for newspapers in the face of competition, micro publishing like blogs and changing reading patterns. All the News That’s Fit to … Aggregate, Download, Blog: Are Newspapers Yesterday’s News?

If the future of newspapers is an area of particular importance Forrester Research analyst Rebecca Jennings has written an interesting paper: Print Media’s Answer to Cannibalization. (Paid registration required).

Happy Easter holidays!