Code Martyrdom and The BBC

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I saw this interesting article from the San Jose Mercury News: Work widow’s blog fuels uprising at Electronic Arts by Nicole Wong (April 26, 2006) about how tech company employees are rising up and casting off their shackles to try and get a life outside of work. Whilst the article focuses on the games industry, it has been a matter of pride in the tech sector since polyester shirts, pocket protectors and punched cards were geek chic.

Which is why sites that cater to code monkeys like ThinkGeek stock up on so much caffeinated materials and celebrate The Sacred caffeine Molecule (check the bottom right of the page).

Indeed the seminal book on the invention of the internet Where Wizards Stay Up Late canonised this practice in its title. This ethic has also slipped into supporting sectors like PR and design agencies working for technology clients.

Instant messaging software, Treos or Blackberries and laptops mean that the work doesn’t stop, there isn’t downtime and there is a very real social cost. It makes interesting reading.

On the BBC 2.0 coverage, Tom Coates provides an informed opinion at the developments, based on his experience as a former BBC mover-and-shaker.