New Mac Adverts and Jenna Jameson holds the fate of Xbox 360 in her hands

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By now you’ve probably had the chance to see the new Apple Get a Mac ads, so this is nothing more than a gratuitous opportunity to show the picture of the cute Japanese woman who appears in the ‘network’ segment.Talking of cute, a couple of interesting articles caught my eye in the world of games and consumer electronics. First up MacWorld’s trip to NAB brought reminders of how the adult entertainment industry (hence my Jenna Jameson reference in the title) is lining up behind Blu-Ray.

Adult entertainment spokespeople interviewed said that they favoured Blu-Ray for its large capacity and the Playstation 3. Mainstream channels like E! Network are defaulting to Blu-Ray because of the leadership position taken by the porn industry.

Meanwhile has an article that quotes Michael Pachter from Wedbush Morgan Securities saying that whether the Xbox 360 will succeed or fail depends on the Blu-Ray standard.

It looks like the Xbox team need to share some of the love they give to their developer community with the folks in the San Fernando valley.