Honey, I think I’ve caught something…

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If you’ve seen the recent Mac vs PC adverts you’ll have probably noticed the spot about viruses (or should that be viri?). Basically due to its popularity and fundemental flaws in the design of the Windows platform, it is under threat from thousands of different malware applications. McAfee and Symantec have issued warnings about the risk that unprotected Macs present (info here). Saying that McAfee make it nigh on impossible for a responsible consumer to purchase its Virex software and have been slow to keep up with developments in the Mac platform.

With all this in mind I came across Mark Allan’s implementation of open source anti-virus software ClamAV. Mark has put a user-friendly GUI on the software, instead of users having to hit the command line. It also monitors the users email, something that Virex failed to do. Mark does ask for donations to help him keep going (particularly for hosting and bandwidth which I think is only right and fair given the quality of the product that he’s put together).