Jargon Watch: Textcasting

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Textcasting – Created by the nice people behind Slate.com, what if rather than listening to inane stuff on an iPod you used it to read articles like summaries of the key issues that is in the mornings news?Wouldn’t that be more convenient than trying to open a tabloid or berliner-sized paper on the tube?

OK, so I may prefer to listen Public Enemy’s

Fight the Power on the way into work; but I have to admit reading the key news stories would be cool. Apple hasn’t tricked out the iPod as an e-book reader but Slate have put the text in the description field of a 15-minute silent audio file. Well if you can watch the Matrix on an iPod why not read smallish articles?

Also providing content to an already established ecosystem of devices like the iPod through an established channel like the iTunes Podcast service is going to be a lot easier than trying to sell e-books and readers to consumers like Sony is currently attempting.

Over at SourceForge the Encyclopodia project is putting Wikipedia on an iPod.