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renaissance chambara: MIA no longer

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Apologies for being missing-in-action for so long, it was due to factors that I don’t want to go into here. I am still getting on the mend, but wanted to share a few things with you in the mean time. If you read a number of blogs, you will have seen the video clip and subsequent furore over comedian Stephen Colbert’s close-to-the-bone digs at the Bush administration during the annual White House correspondents dinner.(I found out about it from Tom Coates’ blog post

here). Following on from that

Saturday Night Live (the long-running US comedy show that gave Steve Martin, John Belushi and Will Ferrell their break) had a state of the union type introduction (complete with presidents seal) provided by Al Gore that lampooned Bush and had a bit of self-mocking humour of himself. Well worth watching as a follow-up to Colbert’s antics. You can find the clip here in QuickTime format. (Kudos to Dewayne Hendricks via the Interesting People email list). As an aside, it’s interesting the way Al Gore has been raising his profile at the moment:

  • Apparently helping Google on public affairs
  • Being the poster child in Wired magazine for techno-environmentalism
  • Campaigning on issues like world poverty

Will he be running for election two terms from now, or positioning himself as a McNamara-style reformer for the World Bank? Whatever’s going on you, the mark of a image-enhancing chess-game is all over his latest moves.