Jargon Watch: Voice 2.0

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Voice 2.0: The integration of voice telephony into web services, voice is an attractive proposition for everyday users; with mobile phones voice is still the predominant use of these devices.There are many businesses who believe that voice is something which you build a business offering on top of rather than out of (which is the reason why Vonage’s share price headed south on IPO).

A classic example of this would be having web ads and integrating call through to the supplier via VoIP or

Jangl, an ad-supported service that provides one-time anonymous phone numbers to people that they could us when meeting new people in a bar, selling on Craigs List or eBay. Its not only a consumer play however, McKinsey has found in its regular surveys of CIOs that they are looking for integration between telephoney and business applications as well (more information here).Providing voice over IP networks does run into the risk of the carriers interferring with the quality of service officially like SBC’s quest to end network neutrality, or unofficially using tools like Narus to monitor data at the application level and then altering the quality of service applied to it.