Jargon Watch: Zing

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Zing – A ‘new’ social phenomena that Samsung is trying to build around using the Z5; a poor imitation of the iPod Nano. Zing means to listen to music on your Samsung MP3 player and putting your head in another place instead of the dull normality of your life. Unfortunately they are using tube ads to build this new social phenomena, there doesn’t seem to be a spokesperson as a proof-point of the ground swell and given the popularity of the iPod it would be hard to back Zing up with credible research to build into a media story. So its a bit of a PR dogs dinner.

It may seem like a funky idea in downtown-Seoul, but its not going to wash on the Central line with its sea of white earbuds, instead it has the connotations of a cleaning product and has no appeal on the z-list of MP3 players. Dial Z for loser.