PR and IR communications best practice

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Quocirca have an interesting report about what influences IT spending decision makers (free registration required).Basically the IT department is the finance directors bitch. Finance influences all reasonable sized IT decisions, half IT managers aren’t even technical decision makers. Finance people are likely to go to exhibitions and read IT publications.

Online is read more widely than print. Sunday papers are not valued for their IT knowledge (so that blows up the Sunday Times nice little sideline on supplements). Interestingly IT publications like IT Week are more respected by finance and IT managers than the FT or The Economist. They generally prefer to read IT publications online.

The first port of call for recommendations on vendors and solutions for finance managers is…. other finance managers. Direct mail, mobile marketing and targeting influentials in the blogosphere doesn’t seem to cut any ice with anybody.

IT managers relied on search engines more than any other source, in order of trusted ranking:

  1. Google
  2. MSN
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Lycos

IT managers are the most cynical about market analysts and IT, telecoms and public sector business are not influenced by analysts as they aren’t willing to pay for their reports.

Meanwhile the picture above is the most unusual investor relations communications design that I have ever seen. I have doctored the contact details so that you don’t go pestering people or turning up uninvited ;-). Clicking on the image will make it larger for better inspection.

Finally Emory Business School have some heavyweight recommendations of reading material for the beach here.