MemeWatch: Five social media tools bloggers can’t do without

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This meme first came to my attention on Drew Benvie’s blog, he has a good summary on some people’s answers there. My suggestions:

  • Blogger – yes it is tempramental and the spell-checker is dyslexic, it is virtually unusable with Safari, but its what I have been using to blog for the past two years and a half years or so
  • Flickr – It is just so easy to get the whole pictures thing, prior to using it I didn’t bother with photos at all. Now when my old Yahoo! employee Flickr Pro account runs out in September I will have to pony up my own cash to sort this out
  • Bloglines – Whilst I dearly like NetNewsWire for the Mac, having my newsreader on the web makes life so much easier
  • Email – yes its old school, but its still an invaluable source of news and its contents has persistency that IM doesn’t. I dearly love the IMAP4 standard that allows me to keep my mail on a server and access it from work, my home computer and my mobile phone
  • Yahoo! MyWeb 2.0 – Ok so the log-in/sign-up process can be a dog, the pages have a foul colour scheme and it is hard to get your initial bookmarks in there, but thanks to project leader Tom Chi this service went from awful to something useful that could outperform delicious in a few iterations time: (Chi sorted out basic things like making MyWeb work with the Safari browser). Another thing really valuable about MyWeb is the ability to keep a copy of the page that you are looking at like a virtual photocopy for you to read at your leisure after the content has disappeared behind an archive paywall.

Since six is the new five, I would add my MacBook Pro by Steve ‘I invented the iPod you know’ Jobs and Co. Whilst I preferred the titanium of earlier models rather than the aluminum sheet look garnered from Ikea and prefer a computer that runs a little cooler, it still rocks big time.

I guess that I should pass the baton on to some others: Jonny Rosemont, Iain Tait, Wadds, Tom Coates and James Warren.