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Launch and abandon – The process of marketing a product for three or four months and then moving on to the next priority. Common marketing practice with car companies who have new models coming out with regularity of someone with a high-fibre diet.

It came up in an article about the Ford Motor Company promoting its new Fusion line of vehicles by putting hot wheels toys in packs of cereals.

Part of the deal included on-pack pictures of the toys.

A canny piece of marketing: catching kids whilst they’re young to build a love affair with the brand (Ford of Europe did a good poster campaign based on this idea for the Focus earlier on this year on the London Underground), or tapping into the child that exists withing every adult male. I guess someone should have told them that the only male adults that get to eat cereal are stoners, college kids and slackers get to eat cereal.

Mattel must have been very happy at the bulk order of 600,000 toy cars especially as the market for Hot Wheels is shrinking due to the KAGOY social phenomena (kids are getting older, younger).

Kudos to the San Jose Mercury News.