Mobile Marketing 2.0

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eWeek have a good feature The Age of Sell Phones by Evan Schuman on mobile marketing and more pertinently how mobile marketing can be improved to make it so much better.Targeted SMS marketing can bring a response of 50 per cent, which is much cheaper and a better response rate than traditional direct marketing.

What is missing is an interactive element in case the offer isn’t interesting for the consumer, this would require integration with a more sophisticated CRM system and point-of-sale systems where appropriate.

There is a fear that location-based marketing would be too instrusive and Big Brother-like.

There is an interesting discussion on the future of the phone and the need for smartphones which mobile marketers would find very useful but no corresponding reasons were put forward on why consumers would want one.

Opt-in agreements are full of risks because consumers may not be fully cognisant of what they are signing up for. Its not like email marketing where an email, is an email, is an email.

Picture courtesy of the nice people at Motorola.