GQ magazine’s new blog (well kind of)

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gq magazine’s new blog
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GQ magazine has launched a new blog, however its only half formed. At the moment there isn’t an RSS feed, instead readers have to rely on email alerts (which I guess is easier for Conde Naste to sell adverts in to credit card issuers and all the marketers who put leaflets in the blogs dead tree cousin).There is no comments section, which makes it cheaper to write and maintain, but the magazine misses a golden opportunity to open the conversation with existing and prospective readers.

At the moment its only a blog because its the cheapest form of content management system (CMS) available to publishers. Oh yeah a design that was a bit less 1998 would help as well, it looks very conservative and boring not really reflecting the values of the publication.

It’s early days, I hope that it will improve.

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