Terror on the telly

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Terror on the telly
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The foiled Al Queda operation has been dominating the media agenda. Like a bunch of brickies debating the previous evenings football, everyone’s an expert but no one knows what’s really going on and those that do aren’t talking.UK news coverage leaves little satisfaction at being informed and the wide variance of facts and details in the first editions of today’s papers raises more questions than answers.

I did find this quote from the BBC Newsnight daily email newsletter amusing though:

Our political editor Martha Kearney is examining the political response, the public scepticsm and asks what exactly is John Prescott’s role in this crisis.

As if Prescott wasn’t in enough trouble already with his infidelity and car fetish, it looked when I first read it that the BBC was trying to blame him for Al Queda as well.

Sounds like Two Jags needs a decent Flak