Links of the day

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The Business has an article on How to save Dell. Dell has dropped 45 per cent of its share price over the past year. But then eBay has also dropped by some 40 per cent and Yahoo! dropped from 43.66 to 27.50 since December representing a 37 per cent decline. The recommended medicine includes:

  • A move to retail stores like Apple
  • Innovate in the enterprise with Linux and blade server offerings
  • Better product design
  • Decent customer service
  • Move away from the margin business that the company has historically dominated

The question then is what would Dell actually mean to buyers? What would differentiate the company from Apple, Sony, Lenovo or HP?Maybe the markets should make allowances that Dell has moved from growth to value, if you like the PC equivalent of Honeywell of GE.

My old colleague Dan Peters sent me this cool link that has an aggregation of films available online in the public domain.

I had a look at the newish Yahoo! corporate blog designed to reinforce the consumer brand values with US consumers, this posting has a nice Sunnyvale campus tour video here featuring my old colleague Heidi Burgett doing the intro and outro.

Bob Cringely has an interesting discussion on the insecurity of networks using Skype and the progress towards IP v. 6.

Over at the New Yorker, there is a good indepth article from inside Lebanon discussing the conflict from the perspective of the different christian and muslim factions present in the country.