Paper beats pixels

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 The great debates in media over online and more established forms of media seems to go around like a game of paper, scissors, stone. I recently picked up a copy of the Wired Style Guide by Constance Hale to use as a reference alongside my FT style guide and The Economist Style Guide.I also wanted a copy of the guide because Wired is the publication that I am most likely to deal with that has its stylistic roots in Tom Wolfe’s New Journalism of the early 1970s – capturing the essence of an item rather than the item itself by allowing us to understand through the participation in the moment of the correspondent.

Writing a style guide for such individualism is like trying to tame a high pressure steam line with the valve stuck in the on position and stop it from moving around like a mechanical cobra.

The print copy that I have of the guide is called version 1.0 and the book directed me to version 2.0 at

Unfortunately the URL is dead, leaving no artifact behind for future readers. In this case paper beats pixels.