Social Media Club

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Piccadilly Circus up close

Chris Heuer hosted the first Social Media Club UK meeting at Fleishman Hillard’s offices above Covent Garden tube. In attendance were a few people that I recognised: Justin Hayward, Anthony Mayfield and Flemming Madsen.Key take outs:

  • There was a substantial discussion over whether blogging and peer-to-peer communications were an evolution or a revolution and the wider difference that they’ll make to communications and society
  • Is PR doomed? Conventional PR (whatever that is, apparently is), there were a couple of flag wavers for in the room. The value of PR will be at the strategic level to craft a story that is then fed through various social media channels
  • The press release was generally considered to be on its way out (though it is a handy form of content for Google to crawl on the companies website)
  • There was some concern that reputation systems would help to keep the credibility of word-of-mouth marketing high: though both sides cited eBay as an example of doing well and doing it badly