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Some interesting details on mobile data usage from the Mobile Data Association via the Mobile Monday London mailing list: Mobile Internet Usage in the UK on the rise
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Date: Fri Sep 29, 2006 2:28 am (PDT)

MDA Mobile Internet usage stats released in September
2006 (FYI)


The number of subscribers accessing the internet via mobile phones is continuing to grow. According to figures announced today by the Mobile Data Association (MDA), a total of 13.2 million people used their phones for downloads and browsing the mobile internet in the UK during July 2006, in line with an upward global trend.

Accordingly, the MDA have looked at what sites consumers are visiting and have compiled a top 10 of the types of pages most accessed across the UK via a mobile device during July:

1. Google
2. Chat sites (including operator sites)
3. WAP Directories (eg Twilightwap)
4. Other search sites (eg Yahoo)
5. BBC
6. Games/Wallpapers/Ringtones
7. Mobile entertainment sites (eg celebrity news
8. MSN
9. Mobile communities/blogging (eg Jumbuck)
10. Shopping sites (eg Ebay)

Predictably, users appear to be accessing mobile versions of the most popular internet sites, but with a growing number of ‘mobile community’ websites appearing for use on mobile handsets, where users can create their own web pages for example, the UK’s
increasing passion for blogging and sharing information looks set to be indulged further via the mobile internet.

For information on how to set up your phone to use the mobile internet and for a list of sites to visit on your handset, please visit:


Notes to Editors –
WAP user definition as agreed by four GSM Network operators (O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange) is as follows: the number of unique customers who are accessing the internet on a mobile device via any portal at least once in the reporting month.

The MDA plan to issue mobile internet user figures on a monthly basis, having previously issued figures relating to the number of WAP page impressions viewed. The method for counting has been revised to give a clearer picture of how many people are accessing the service each month. Top 10 site information not weighted by usage – aggregate information taken from UK network operators.
Figures exclude mobile intranet for business usage (eg mobile e-mail)

About the Mobile Data Association and –

November 2005 marked the launch of Phase 3 of the MDA’s generic awareness campaign to promote the advantages of the mobile internet across all networks, and provide a current information service through the website for both consumers and business users.

The Mobile Data Association (MDA) was established in 1994 to increase awareness of mobile data amongst users and their advisers. The MDA acts as a focal point for its members, (vendors and users) and outside parties interested in knowing more about the industry

The MDA announces the total number of mobile internet users on behalf of the UK GSM Network operators on a monthly basis. These figures are announced during the fourth week of the following month. Also UK text messaging figures are released by the MDA during the
third week of the following month.

For further information visit the MDA website at or the Text It Campaign web site at Mike Short, MDA Chairman is available for comment.