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Blogger Beta - shocking user experience for Safari users

The new version of Blogger has some nice additions including a faster and reliable republishing process, the ability to label posts, bringing Blogger into the 21st century. Thankfully they haven’t thrown the baby out with the bath water, and have had the good sense to keep the same easy-to-use interface so habitual blog monkeys like myself don’t go into shock. In common with other properties of Google the company is moving to a Gmail log in as a universal ID across its network of services. Now the moan. Blogger still doesn’t have feature parity across the main browsers and is less than useless in Safari. Get the basics right first, you can worry about the whizzy stuff later. Safari users don’t have a WYSIWYG editing environment to blog with, and all the formatting buttons and font selection missing (see above).

The dictionary is snazzily designed but its range still pretty crap.