Links for 2006-10-04 [My Web 2.0]

Bloggers: How To Approach Companies
Demo Fall’06 line-up Prick up your ears: New gizmos on way
WIKIPEDIA mobile – cool mobile version developed by a team of German programmers
Good Design Award – Asian-based design awards
Get real emotion in games – classic storytelling techniques used in game design
Wired 14.10: Rebuilding Microsoft
MySpace Takes On YouTube – Art Of Dramatic Writing: Its Basis in the Creative Interpretation of Human Motives: Books: Lajos Egri
Tech Trader Daily » Apple Finds 15 Instances Of Backdating; Jobs Knew In Some Cases; ex-CFO Anderson Quits Board
Get ready to scream! the business of Hallow’een – useful statstics on the business of spookiness