The Dipstick

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I am not a great kitchen and cooking person but this really appealed to me. The Teastick.For years my parents and my Granny claimed that teabags contained the worst sweepings of the tea and insisted on drinking Barry’s Tea in leaf form only.

You can only hold so many years making a quick mug of tea and drinking carefully to allow the leaves to settle at the bottom of the cup if the tea strainer had been mislaid. Which is where the Teastick is a stroke of well not exactly genius more like something that has been staring you in the face, its so obvious. But I guess that’s where great product design comes in.

A curious mix of influser and teaspoon, the Teastick is old school tea for a post-modern time poor world. What’s more paper-making manufacturing for the cases of tea bags consumes a huge amount of energy, pollutes a lot of water, so the Teastick should be appreciated by Guardian-reading types.