Things to look out for and tip of the day

Two sites to look out for:

  • Element 30 – a Silicon Valley-based enterprise start-up. The head of marketing is ex-Yahoo Rich Pearson. They are currently looking for .net and c# coders with skills. If you are interested drop them a line. For the more curious zinc is element 30 in the periodic table, it is a transition metal, it is used as the ‘healing layer’ on galvanised steel and can protect against sun burn in its oxide form

  • Smug Nation – is a soon-to-be launched project by a couple of friends of my colleague Cherie. Look out for their guerrilla marketing stickers defacing street furniture and public toilets with some of the usual banal phrases you would hear round an office like “I’m more of an ideas person” and “Sent from my Blackberry”. Kind of like fridge magnet poetry for Martin Lukes

Finally, thanks to Stephen for the tip. Crack password-protected PDF files with ease. Open the files in ColorSync which comes as part of the Mac operating system and re-save the file with a different name. The newly-named file as been freed of its DRM badness. Be responsible, piracy is isn’t cool (except for Captain Jack Sparrow).