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I was watching a video interview that Guy Kawasaki did with Steve ‘Woz‘ Wozniak. Whilst Steve talked about the early days of the computer industry it reminded me of the way that people are talking about social media.There are the Altairs and Apples of this world with a plethora of start-ups, a raft of visionaries like Richard Stallman who saw an unbridled future for the PC, its genius engineers like Steve Wozniak and its mercurial Steve Jobs wannabes.This time the Hewlett-Packard’s of today (Google, Microsoft, News International and Yahoo!) are paying attention, taking sides and hunting talent.

It reminded me that much of the BS that is talked like about the death of newspapers is over-hyped and will take much longer to come to pass than the pundits thinks.

Also many of the changes that will make a difference will creep up on my awareness and Bam! I wake up one morning and realise how much my digital life has changed, when I look back at how its happened I won’t be able to point to a defining moment.

I think that we are in for interesting and exciting times, I haven’t felt this excited about technology since Steve Jobs returned to Apple.