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GAMEYGoogle, Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo!. VC-speak for the group of companies expected to buy up the creme of Silicon Valley start-ups. Thanks to CNN Money.Generation Cash – Generation Content getting paid through sites like citizen journalist photo agency Scoopt, and video sites like Revver, eefoof and Flixya splitting ad revenue. This content for cash game has gone mobile; mobile operator 3 pays video creators per download through its SeeMeTV initative and MyNumo rewards the creators of ringtones, videos and wallpapers through a revenue share approach.

The concept also extends to the black economy trading on eBay and those people operating as part of the Fon wi-fi network and the big cash prizes offered by the likes of Intel and Netflix for customer-generated innovation. It’s Alvin Toffler’s prosumer concept made good. Thanks to Trendwatching.


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  1. Thanks for the link to Scoopt. I hadn’t come across it before.

    iStockphoto.com is a similar concept, but not news led. We use it a lot for sourcing images.

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