Brand Oscars

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Brandchannel have released their Oscars for the product placement star of the silver screen. The results are based on their regular analysis of the latest films looking for product placements.

Some interesting take-outs from these brand oscars were that Apple did not get one mention – maybe that’s because a manifestation of a product that is a near-religious experience is not a mere product placement.

James Bond got called out as a brand whore. On the face of it this criticism of the Bond franchise is unfair because Bond only features slightly more brands than your average film. I personally think that the problem isn’t with the film itself but the crude way that marketers at Omega, Brioni, Sony Corp. and Sony Ericsson lose the value of the placement. Hint: say no to tacky cash-in products like the ‘limited edition James Bond Omega Seamaster’ or the ‘Sony James Bond Memory Vault’. Anyway you can read more here.

Talking of brand whores renaissance chambara is happy to be an even bigger brand whore than James Bond for a cutting edge streetwear label like Tenderloin, Supreme or aNYthing; and happy to endorse luxury goods like IWC or Mont Blanc. Offers can be emailed here.