Your favourite magazines

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I got the idea from from Jonathan’s post over at Middledigit.

I am not interested in the online version, what dead tree media publications make your day?

Here’s mine:

  • Wired Magazine – Ok so they don’t use fluorescent ink any more, the type is in a straight line and the redesign makes it look really bland, but its still probably one of the best guides to technology and the Silicion Valley zeitgeist that’s also accessible to the man in the street
  • DJ magazine – it has gone steadily downhill over the past decade and a half but still has the best record reviews for dj’ing
  • i-D magazine – the style magazine of the 1980s still has a lot of relevant content from the latest Supreme threads to up and coming indie artists that will disappear back into the cultural primodial swamp that counts for ‘hip and happening’ London nowadays
  • VICE – A magazine with the feel of a five-pound monthly glossy but for free. That’s right free. Usually there is one photo shoot and piece of journalism that’s half decent (usually not connected)
  • FACT – A good music magazine that is A5 size making ideal reading on the tube
  • ES magazine – The Restaurant Spy and horoscope make this magazine readable, otherwise its West London navel-gazing is stifling
  • Esquire – most of the time this magazine is exactly the same as its competitors Arena and GQ, however every issue there is at least one decent article alongside the editorial competitions, advertorials and product porn
  • The New Republic – I like to pick it up on newsstands when I am in the US, its thoughtful articles shame The Economist and it has a global perspective (something rare in an American publication)