Recursive experience

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I had a pretty surreal moment yesterday. I usually listen to the Wall Street Journal Online Late Day Tech Briefing podcast since it gives you the main tech news sprinkled with a little market news. Together with an email from the San Jose Mercury’s Good Morning Silicon Valley blog, it marks the end of my day’s news gathering to keep up to speed with things.

I hadn’t listened to it for a few days since I had a friend who was going back to Hong Kong, so spending time with her took priority. I also have a screensaver called iQuote which provides a feed of the sayings of Steve Jobs.

Jobs is notorious for his focus on design and purpose and one of the quotes displayed is from a response to questions about whether a new feature was going to be included in the iPod he commented “We’re also working on it being able to brown bagels while playing music”.

So imagine my surprise when I was listening to the podcast when I head of the George Forman iGrill. A Heath Robinson-esque (US readers: Heath Robinson was a British contemporary of Rube Goldberg) barbecue grill with a ten watt speaker and a hook-up for your iPod, it was a surreal case of reality imitating sarcasm.