JargonWatch: Cultural Collusion

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PR Week seems to have woken up to the sponsorship of cultural events and the opportunity that it provides to PR and slapping it with the moniker of cultural collusion’. Having read this week’s PR Week on the tube and gasped at the pearls of wisdom contained within.

A great example of cultural collusion that I discovered with Mei Mei was an exhibition by the Ben Uri Gallery inside an NCP car park in Covent Garden.

The old industrial feel of the NCP car park was a surprisingly good gallery space for the paintings by contemporary artist David Breur-Weil.

In fact, the only downside was a comment in the visitors book referring to the Six-Day War, which came across as bigoted and tasteless.

NCP kept its involvement low-key rather than over-branding the event and since it uses the space only for half the week, the exhibition has a guerilla feel with stenciled notices on the walls and ground and a lighting rig that reminded me of my operational involvement in the rave and illegal party scene a good while ago.

David Breur-Weil – Project 3
June 1 – July 19 – 9 – 13 Mercer Street, Covent Garden WC2


Wed, Sat, Sun 12 – 7pm
Thur, Fri 12 – 9pm

National Gallery street stunt

If you are around central London over the past few days you may have noticed the HP-sponsored prints of the National Gallery’s collection that have been hung on the streets.

The National Gallery have got a far bit of mileage out the gimmick, with short tour guide vignettes available by dialling a number just like the audio tours one would normally associate with an art gallery or museum. Im not too sure of the benefits to HP however.

To start you off, the one pictured is at the Shelton Street end of Langley Street. More here.