Its not them, it’s us

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I got forwarded an interesting link from ‘Americans Spend an Average of $1,200 Annually on Gadgets — but Don’t Understand Much of the Tech They’re Buying‘ that highlighted research about consumers and their use of, and attitudes towards technology.

Whilst the tone could be perceived to be tinged with a certain amount of criticism of Joe Six-Pack, I personally thought that it highlighted the failures of technology companies and their agents from poor engineering, product design and user experience design, right the way through to marketing communications.

Key out takes included:

  • “People love to buy them, but then they can’t get them to work” – eMarketer analyst Lisa Phillips
  • 20 minutes was the average amount of time spent by a consumer trying to set up a device before giving up, over half of all electronic devices returned to stores are in perfect working order
  • 77 per cent of respondents researched their purchase online. The same percentage purchased in stores