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The thoroughly nice people over at Seventy Seven PR have an interesting category on the Mediawatch blog called My Week in Media. Check out James Gordon Mackintosh (of t4w fame) in particular.

The posts revolve around four categories

  • What I’ve read
  • What I’ve watched
  • What I’ve listened to
  • What I’ve surfed

You could argue with the taxonomy of all this:

  • Is a podcast something that I’ve listened to or surfed?
  • Is is even right to break out online in such an arbitrary way when most consumers don’t (they consumer their media the way that they want it)?
  • Should you segregate by intent, creation or involvement? So instead of what I’ve surfed, what I’ve done?

For all my quibbles I would be curious to see what other people’s week in media would look like. So Wadds, Steve, Jonathan, Drew, Jonny and Stuart what does your week in media look like?

Here’s mine, just to kick things off in keeping with the spirit of Seventy Seven’s original:

  • What I’ve read: I usually read the office copy of the Wall Street Journal Europe on the way home on the tube of an evening. I have a subscription to the print edition of Wired magazine and pick up Esquire magazine at the newstand every month. I have just finished Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson (loved it) and currently working my way through two novels, one of which (Cory Doctorow’s Eastern Standard Tribe) via the Mobipocket ebook reader on my Nokia
  • What I’ve watched: I tend to watch series either online or via DVD and am presently working my way through all four series of The Wire. The only Christmas TV I have watched so far is Doctor Who on the streaming Flash version of BBC’s iPlayer whilst my parents who came to visit watched Coronation Street on the TV. I really like going to the cinema; but found I am Legend disappointing, despite the sterling performance by Will Smith’s canine co-star
  • What I’ve listened to: I have high tension electric lines powering the railway behind my house so I am limited in my choice of radio stations. I wake up to the Today programme and listen to RTE News and my recommendations channel for a bit of variety. I subscribe to a number of electronic music record label podcasts and also enjoy the WSJ TechUpdate podcast and conference recordings from the Conversation Network
  • What I’ve surfed: I have a shedload of feeds in my blog reader, you can see my blogroll here (grouped by category). If I had to pick one blog in particular that I read religiously it would be Japanese online design magazine PingMag. I get newsletters from the likes of Good Morning Silicon Valley, I, Cringely, Popbitch and HolyMoly. I try to avoid Facebook as much as possible because of its shockingly bad user experience, so use Twitter, the feed on this blog, my bookmarks on delicious and my flickr photo stream to regularly update my page

UPDATE (January 3, 2008)

A combination of a lull in blog post creation because of the holiday season and a good idea borrowed from the peeps at 77pr and turned loose into the blogosphere seems to have given the My week in media meme wings. Here’s a link to the new ones that I have found thus far:

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